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Taking Alone Time
  • Scheduling alone time is one of the best things you can do for your relationship. To be the best person you can be, including the best partner, lover, and friend, you have to stay true to you and the only way to do that is to spend time with yourself and nobody else. Spending time alone gives you the opportunity to feed your soul, resituate your sense of self, and get in touch with your individuality. Without alone time, the opposite often comes true.
  • It is never too late to get back in touch with your true self. Take it on as a project and add your alone time to your daily planner. Plan a few hours alone each week and an occasional weekend to yourself. It may sound like a lot for those of you out there who arenít used to it, but you will see the positive results right away. The more of a commitment you give to yourself, the healthier a person you will be, and in turn, the better you can fill the roles you have chosen in your family.
  • Daily.
  • Schedule a little alone time for yourself every single day. It may only be relaxing for a few minutes before the rest of the house wakes up or taking advantage of the occasional hour home alone, but make sure that it happens on a regular basis.
    • Keep yourself involved in a hobby you enjoy doing by yourself. Find a great artistic outlet for yourself. Things like dancing, painting and photography are some of the best ways to grow the seeds planted inside of you.
    • Spend a few minutes at the end of your days to journal. Lay your thoughts and feelings to rest before hitting the pillow and your overall health and wellness will benefit.
    • Motivate yourself. Read something inspiring when you wake up, or take a few minutes during the day to reset and give yourself a little pep talk.
    • Exercise. Go for a jog, walk, hike, or bike ride by yourself. You will get the time alone to reflect, decompress, and recharge, but you will also get the benefits of feeling good about daily exercise (or a couple of times a week) like the release of endorphins, better digestion, healthier heart, and nicer legs.
  • When You Have An Hour.
  • Each week, when your hour of scheduled alone time comes up, resist the urge to flip on the TV and spend some real quality time with yourself.
    • Spend your time looking for a new book. Donít feel the pressure of finding a book that will help you deal with any issues you have. Find something that you will fall in love with, an adventure, a love story, a biography. If youíve already got a book you know you will love, spend your whole hour in its pages.
    • Listen to music. Choose retro girlie stuff and dance around the house like you are 13 again, emotional ballads and karaoke your heart out, or inspirational tunes to just sit and enjoy where they take you.
    • Write. Journal or start a writing project like a childrenís book or autobiography, or try your hand at some poetry.
    • Meditate. Meditation is of the essence for your spiritual, emotional and physical self to be healthy. If you havenít spent time in meditation before, try a guided meditation of some sort. You can even get CDís that guide you through meditation for all sorts of purposes like your health, peace, relaxation, listening to your heart, and more.
    • Take a bath. Bring along a good book, a glass of wine, or your favorite music. Light some aromatic candles and lock the door.
  • When You Have A Few Hours.
  • Every couple of weeks, make time to go do something fun all by your lonesome.
    • Do something really exhilarating like bungee jumping or sky diving and get the extra thrill of doing it all by yourself, all for yourself.
    • Work on a project youíve been wanting to do like a gardening mission, a do-it-yourself design project, or making a scrapbook.
    • Take yourself on a day trip. Pack yourself a picnic and hop in the car. Drive somewhere beautiful and peaceful where you can spend your day. You could hike, bike, or ride a horse somewhere wonderful or just drive, stopping off when you see something interesting.
    • Spend the day at a museum, art or otherwise. They are great places to let your imagination wander and also reflect on your life.
    • Hang out at the beach, river or next to the pool, soaking in the sun and thinking or reading or listening to music.
  • When You Have The Whole Weekend.
  • At least once a season, schedule yourself a whole weekend or more to get centered. The first time you do this, guaranteed, it will be life-changing. Save up a bit of money for yourself without feeling guilty. You wonít regret it.
    • Take yourself camping. Pack your favorite foods, a good book, plenty of firewood, and just hang out with yourself. Getting out in nature is also a great time spend digging into your spirituality and journaling as well. If a tent in the forest isnít your cup of tea, get yourself a cabin or a room in a peaceful resort.
    • Take a train trip with one of those great travel passes where you can hop on and off as often as you like for a certain amount of time. The pass gives you the freedom to be totally spontaneous and traveling by train the least stressful way to travel.
    • Spend your weekend at a spa. Eat healthy foods, hydrate in mud baths, detox with body wraps, relax with massage, and relax all day in fluffy robes. Take therapeutic walks through gardens and get into a really good book while you are there. Come back feeling refreshed and renewed.
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