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Date Night: Surprise Destination
  • Your adventure will start once your choice is made.
  • Getting Started…
  • Creating a mystery is always a fun way to approach a date night. You can arrange for something simple to something quite extraordinary depending on your budget and time. The best aspect of a mystery date is it keeps your partner thinking and anticipating the actual event all week long.
  • Picking the destination…
  • Where you go on your mystery date really depends on your interests, time and budget. Here are a few ideas to get you started…
    1. Get tickets for a train, bus or plane to a nearby destination you've both wanted to visit.
    2. Plan a romantic rendezvous at a water destination like a beach, river or lake. For added appeal, rent a boat or house boat.
    3. Make the simple dramatic by planning an elaborate encounter somewhere they'd least expect, such as a fast food restaurant or a public park.
    4. Hire someone to do personal training for something you've both wanted to try such as karate, gymnastics, rock climbing, painting, balloon making, etc.
    5. Rent out a movie theater, restaurant, bowling alley, go-kart track or other public place you both like to go to.
    6. Arrange to swap homes with a good friend or family member for the night. Have a romantic dinner set up before you arrive.
    7. Camp out at a camp ground, in the woods or in your backyard.
  • Getting to the destination…
  • Planning the arrival can be the most fun aspect of this date night. However you plan on arriving, a blindfold will be a necessary part of the equation. You could also arrange to be in a vehicle with windows that are heavily tinted.
  • For an overnight destination, pack the belongings they'll need ahead of time and have it secretly stowed away. Make sure you don't forget anything important! Do not reveal where you are going until the very last possible second. You can even pretend to be going somewhere else and then happen to arrive at a different destination instead.
  • For places nearby, blindfold your partner and drive a completely different way to the place you are going. This is especially fun if the destination is actually your home.
  • If you have time, you can create a type of scavenger hunt for your partner to solve that leads them to the final destination, where you will be waiting.
  • Invitation to mystery…
  • As previously mentioned, the best aspect of this date is the anticipation. To do this you have to let your partner know you have something planned. There are a lot of fun ways to do this. You can tell them with something as simple as a little note that tells them not to make any plans on a specific date. However, a little more detail never goes unrewarded. You can send your partner an invitation to be somewhere at a certain time, dressed in a certain way and what to bring. You could do the above mentioned idea with the scavenger hunt. Try leaving destination clues around for them to find. For example, if you were going somewhere by plane you could leave a note on a plane-shaped piece of paper. Then if you were going to a beach destination by plane you could leave brochures for beach resorts, not any near your actual destination, lying around. You could also use this technique to lead them on the wrong trail. Have a little fun and you never know what kind of effect you'll have! The time you take now will set the tone for the entire adventure, even if it is as simple as camping out in your backyard.
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