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For Couples with Children:
Family time romance
  • If it's not an issue of working too much or living apart, but it's because you never get a chance to be alone, make the most of your time as a family. A family is more than the parents' relationship with the children. It's also the relationship between the parents. Model for your children how love should be. Kiss, hold hands, and do little things that show your lover that they are in fact, your lover.
Make sex a priority
  • When the thought enters your mind, but you disregard it because you have things to do, rewind. Do it anyway. Choose lovemaking over chores. Tell your lover that you have a time limit, but that you want a little action. Don't take no for an answer, find a quiet room in the house, and do it. Making the decision to prioritize lovemaking is making the decision to show love to your partner. Note: a proven outcome of sex is stress relief!
Date night
  • Sit down together with a calendar and absolutely commit to a regular date night. Or, surprise your lover with a date night. There are a lot of groups that support date night. Some groups and organizations support date nights by offering child care for that specific reason. Also, parents can trade child care with another couple. This might help you keep your commitment to date night.
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