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  • Planning your weddingcan often be stressful and get out of hand. There are so many details and people to take into consideration that you can lose sight of whatís really important, which is enjoying your fabulous wedding with the person you love. In order to make sure your big day one youíll always remember, instead of a regretful event, stick to the following guidelines.
  • As soon as you announce your plans to get married, everyone from his mother to your great aunt twice removed will bombard you with their opinion on what you should do. While you should politely listen to them, keep in mind that itís your wedding, not theirs. You wonít be able to make everyone happy. Do what you want and ensure that at least you and your future husband enjoy your wedding celebration.
  • Itís also your fiancťís day. So while you might not want to listen to what your future in-laws have to say, you should probably listen to your groomís input. He might not be interested in planning every detail with you, but at least ask his opinion and see what ideas he might have.
  • Sure theyíre your parentsí co-workers, but if you donít know them, why invite them? Especially if you are on a budget, invite only the people you truly care about celebrating your nuptials with. Your wedding day should be filled with people you know and love, not ones you are meeting for the first time.
  • Preparation is the key to successfully pulling off any event. So when planning one of the biggest days of your life, youíll want to make sure youíre prepared for anything that might unexpectedly sneak up on you. Book all your vendors months in advance and reconfirm them as your wedding date draws near. That way you can make alternative arrangements in case they back out on you. If having an outdoor wedding, make sure there is a back-up plan in place in case of inclement weather. Making disposable cameras available to guests is also a good idea, as this will not only give you some great candid moments, but will also serve as a great back up in case your photographer doesnít show or something happens to the film.
  • There are so many things to worry about on your wedding day that you can get overwhelmed. However, while you are running around, donít forget to eat! It may seem silly, but youíll be surprised how easily this could slip your mind. Even if youíre not that hungry, eat a little bit before your ceremony so your nerves, stress and possibly the heat donít get the best of you. Once at the ceremony, you may be too excited or sidetracked by all your guests to get plenty of nourishment. This is especially crucial if you will be drinking at your reception. Get a little food in your stomach so you can have a couple glasses of wine without getting too drunk. Letís face it, no one wants to see a wasted bride.
  • You wedding day is here, thereís nothing else to plan. So stop worrying and just let your day unfold. If something goes wrong, it goes wrong. Make the best of it and move on. Youíve been planning this day for months and now you should be able to enjoy it. Relax, mingle with your friends and family and enjoy your day with your new husband.
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