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Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Saying "I Love You"
  • Here comes the moment that somebody wants to be with you in a way you have always dreamed. But you should be very careful weather he/she is the right man/woman for you.
  • There are some things you should care about before saying "I Love You". Thus you will understand if you are very much different or suitable to each other.
  1. You should understand weather you can talk to that person forever and that he/she is really listening to you. If you understand that it is not so, better stop now remember that will never alter.
  2. Do you really want to hear what he/she is talking to you? If you catch yourself that while he/she is talking you thing of something else, better stop here.
  3. You should be sure that you really enjoy his/her company. If it is not so what are you really doing with him/her? You will not find what you look for because it is nit there.
  4. If you wait him/her to make a sign that he/she will fulfil your dreams that are not real love. He/She is not the person to make your dreams real, you are. He/She can only be a part from these dreams.
  • These are just a few things you should know when you start a relationship and you want it to last long. There are many other, but these are the easiest to follow when you start a new relationship. And remember always to be honest. The universe will do the rest.
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