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5 Tips for Meeting the Parents
  • You are deeply, madly and passionately in love with your boyfriend of six months. Yet, somehow, you’ve managed to keep him from meeting your motley crew of a family. You love your family, but fear they will have him making a beeline for the nearest exit! Here are some tips to help both parties pass this critical relationship test.
  • Face time
    If this guy who calls himself your boyfriend can manage to get through a face-to-face with your folks without it resulting in the dissolution of your relationship, it will not only be a testament to his character but will demonstrate his commitment to you. So, what’s the best way to introduce him to your parents?
    Shannon Fox, relationship expert and co-author of Last One Down the Aisle Wins, offers these five tips when planning that all important face-to-face with the ‘rents.
    1. Never ambush your parents.
      Always ask if you can bring your significant other along or even better, make a special date with your parents with the sole purpose of getting to know him. You might be tempted to avoid the conversation involving “Who is this guy? Where did you meet him? What does he does for a living?”, etc., but trust me; the meeting will go much more smoothly if mom and dad are aware of it beforehand.
    2. Always limit the time you spend with your parents on the first meeting.
      Plan the meeting over coffee, brunch, or a few afternoon hours at the most. The best first impressions can be ruined by a weekend guest who snores like the dickens, drinks all your dad’s coffee, or forgets to put the seat down before your bleary-eyed mom sits without looking.
    3. Never hold the first meeting on a major holiday.
      While you might not get home to see your parents very often, try to avoid bringing your significant other home for the first time during a major family event (ever seen the movie, The Family Stone?) It can be overwhelming for your boyfriend and feel imposing to other family members who are reluctant to adjust family time to incorporate a new person who may or may not become a permanent fixture.
    4. Always prep both parties.
      Let your parents know ahead of time what line of work he is in, what you like about him, and anything they might have in common. Prep your guy the same way, all the while resisting the urge to focus on your parents’ annoying quirks or overbearing tendencies. By giving them some background info, you will hopefully avoid awkward questions like, “How much money do you make?” and “How often do you go to church?”

    5. Never share past horror stories.
      This is not only an opportunity for your parents to meet your significant other, but for him to form a relationship with them. Don’t do them the disservice of shaping his opinions before he even meets them. Let him have his own story to tell your children someday about the day their grandpa met him at the door with a shotgun…
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